2011: off to a good start

January 7, 2011


Wetherlam, doing a passable Everest imitation

No, I did not go up the impressive lump of snow-covered rock pictured here – this is Wetherlam (which I did in rather milder conditions back on walk 6 in September 2009). Actually I ascended Lingmoor Fell, which is rather more modest – though it still took me 9 miles to do it. Once again, however – for about the fifth walk in a row – the weather was excellent for photography giving many opportunities for dramatic pictures like the one here. Have a look at my efforts on the walk 29 page.

As of today then, I have climbed 92 of the 214 Wainwright fells, thus have 122 to go. I have walked 274.83 miles and climbed approximately 82,972 feet. Next walk will be on whatever day between about 18th – 27th January looks like it will have the best conditions…


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