Virgin Trains do it again; but never mind

January 7, 2012

Ladder stile, Stoodley Pike

A ladder stile near the Stoodley Pike monument, Calderdale

Last Thursday, 5th January, I set out from home with the intention of making use of a break in the recent bad weather and bagging numbers 148-150 of my Wainwright collection. The intention was to walk from Park Brow Foot, near Aira Force, and finish on the A66 near Penruddock, bagging Gowbarrrow Fell and the two Mell Fells (Little and Great).

However, I should have known better than to trust Virgin Trains to do anything competently in any less than optimum operating conditions. There was a good ninety minutes’ – one and a half hours’– leeway in my arrival time at Penrith and they still blew it.

Stoodley Pike monument

The monument (to the Napoleonic Wars) on the top of Stoodley Pike, Calderdale

The 0853, the first Preston – Penrith train I could have got, was cancelled, and the 0941, by the time I gave up, running 40 minutes late. I would not therefore have arrived in Penrith in time to catch the Patterdale bus. I could maybe have risked an alternative walk but at that point, would you have trusted these guys to get you home again? Me neither.

Dry stone walls near Rough Head Farm

Dry stone walls near Rough Head Farm, above Hebden Bridge

So I came back home, and made the most of the fine afternoon by walking there instead. It’s not as spectacular round here as the Lakes, but there is some fine walking nevertheless, so I got my exercise in, as well as the chance to take some decent photos. A few are shown here, the main album is on my Flickr site.

Abandoned farm, Withens Clough

Abandoned farm above the Withens Clough reservoir, Cragg Vale

I did consider giving my walk round Stoodley Pike and Cragg Vale the ‘full treatment’ with a walk page, route description and so on, but… no time… However, you’ll definitely get at least one more of the Wainwright walks in next weekend, because I will be staying in the Lakes 13th – 16th January. Unless the weather is really terrible, and even then I’ll probably do a short one. For now, enjoy these pictures.


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