Worth a read: article on withdrawal of funding for footpath maintenance

January 26, 2012

Path repairs near Low Water

Bags of stone awaiting path repairs near Low Water

Let it never be said that the regime which seized power in the UK after the inconclusive 2010 General Election is anything other than short-termist opportunism of the worst kind – the kind which doesn’t even live up to its own twisted values, let alone anyone else’s. Cuts to footpath maintenance don’t just hit walkers: as it says in this article, ‘every Right of Way officer is worth a million pounds’ to local economies: and then there are the positive impacts on health and well-being.


Read it, and then tell your MP that they are an idiot. (It doesn’t have to be related to the story in question: you could just tell them that anyway, particularly if they are Conservative or Lib Dem, but Labour deserve our opprobrium too at the moment for failing dismally in their role as our Loyal Opposition.)

Also, please re-blog if you have any interest in walking, even on a very casual basis.

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