9 fells in one weekend – only 23 now to go

July 30, 2012

Top of the Sour Milk Gill cascades

This is the end of Gillercomb: the point at which Sour Milk Gill throws itself into Borrowdale below.

The weather was terrible, particuarly on Sunday, but although that caused some misery and chill, I still managed to walk about 19.8 miles over the weekend, bag 9 fells and take a substantial step toward completing this project on schedule (Jan 2013). The 9 fells comprised the High Stile and Great Gable ranges, and walk 60 was broken by a night at the atmospheric and highly convenient (for walkers) Black Sail youth hostel. As with all these two-day hikes, of which this was the third, I have broken it into two pages on here: Walk 60a (High Stile) and walk 60b (Great Gable). Enjoy.

As of today, then, I have bagged 191 of the 214 Wainwrights, thus have 23 to go. I have walked approximately 610.48 miles (passing the 600-mile point at about Red Pike, on Saturday) and have climbed approximately 178,538 feet.


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