Fanfare…. They’re all done

January 6, 2013

Drew on Latrigg summit

Me with a silly cheesy grin on my face, but there are reasons for that

Here I am looking rather happy and the reason is that I have reached the summit of Latrigg – the 214th Wainwright I have climbed and thus the LAST ONE in my project. I have done them all without using a car, and it has taken me three and a half years – from 19th July 2009 to 4th January 2013.

Read about my ‘Last Waltz’ on the walk 70 page. You could also now look at my ‘Personal Notes in Conclusion’ – some lists of the best and worst of my experience (and thoroughly non-serious, trust me). The whole project has involved me in 710.34 miles of walking in the Lakes (a reasonably accurate figure which works out at 3.32 miles per fell) and at least 207,064 feet of ascent, which will definitely be an underestimate. I won’t say I’ve enjoyed every step of it… but let’s say I’ve enjoyed 99.5% of them.

The descent of Latrigg

The descent of Latrigg, looking towards Bass Lake and Dodd

So this blog is done, at least in terms of its primary purpose. But I’m still going to do more walks, both in the Lakes and elsewhere – there is a big walking world out there to explore and this was just one (well, several hundred thousand) steps in that voyage of discovery. If you want to stay following me there will be other posts to come as I walk. Thanks for supporting me on this one, however. Enjoy the walk 70 page and the Personal Notes in Conclusion.

3 Responses to “Fanfare…. They’re all done”

  1. Congratulations REALLY well done !!!

  2. Drew, congratulations on this amazing feat. A quote from T.S. Eliot for you: “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” I long for such walks in such beautiful lands. Yet I wonder whether you would do it again and how soon 🙂

  3. Hi there – great achievement, well done. I’m a freelance writer and would like to put a feature together on this if you’re up for it – and hopefully raise some more funds on the way for your charity. Please email and we can sort something out.

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