Walk 79 completed

February 4, 2014

Sheep and Grisedale Pike

Sheep, with Grisedale Pike behind in snow

I plough on. I would say this walk took place ‘despite’ a virus that has laid me low for most of the last week, but in fact it probably happened because of it — I really, really needed to leave the house. But I chose the weather well, and experienced some amazing views today, light shining over the gulf of Bassenthwaite Lake as I gazed into the heart of the district, and so on. All worth seeing — as it almost always is. Read about it in detail on the walk 79 page and the Caermote Hill page, and stay in touch — I hope to get another walk in before February is out.

Skiddaw range

The Skiddaw range, curving round to Ullock Pike on the right


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