More of the Shap Fells on walk 81 – and the 250th summit reached

April 15, 2014

Mosedale Beck

Mosedale Beck. The summit is High Wether Howe, one of the 80 I still have to bag, so I will be back in this vicinity yet.

No one is going to accuse the Shap Fells, in the east of the district, of having the same appeal as Langdale, Borrowdale, whatever — but on a relatively nice and sunny day there are still good things to be found thereabouts. Like its immediate predecessor, walk 81 depends on the #106 bus staying running, (it still exists for now) and took me through the lonely valleys of Swindale and Mosedale (pictured), before heading up along the southern side of Wet Sleddale. Fells were bagged from two of Wainwright’s volume 8 chapters, Howes and the Wet Sleddale Horseshoe. Have a look at all those pages if you want to know the details and see more photos.

Sleddale Pike, the final summit reached on the day, becomes number 250 of the project, therefore I have 80 to go. Next walk on 26th April, I hope.


2 Responses to “More of the Shap Fells on walk 81 – and the 250th summit reached”

  1. Hi Drew, can I ask after this walk, were you on the train from Oxenholme around 1730 and were you joined at Lancaster by some rather lively ladies?

    If that means nothing to you ignore me. If it does, then no, I was not one of those lasses…. But I was sat nearby, also on my way home from the Lakes having completed my Wainwrights that weekend. And I’ve done almost all by public transport (just a handful of early ones were done when I had a car, or with others who did). I will not now embarking on the Outlying Fells, though I’ll be coming back to the Lakes often to revisit favourite fells, try other routes and just enjoy being there.

    Anyway, I heard this chap on the train talking about having been walking in the Shap area that day, then having seen your latest blog I thought I’d see if was you and say hello. I stumbled across your blog while looking for bus info for one of my walks, and have really enjoyed reading your adventures. I can certainly relate to many of them, we’ve travelled a lot of the same ground (and same trains and buses and pubs) over recent years!

    I’ve noted my email and website link below, feel free to give me a shout or explore the website to see my Lakes photos if you’re interested.

    • Drew Whitworth said

      Dear Jeremy, Well spotted… Yes, they were a bit lively weren’t they, but I guess that’s what going to see Gary Barlow does to people 🙂

      I’ll definitely take a look at your blog!


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