Two short summer walks

September 6, 2015

Loughrigg summit

Loughrigg summit. Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and the Langdale Pikes in the background.

I haven’t been inactive since returning from Kilimanjaro. I’ve still got sixteen of the 330 Wainwright summits left to bag, these divide into four walks (one of which is a two-dayer). But none of them are easy to do logistically — basically they’re not day trips from home. They’ll get done, but need forward planning.

Hence the last three weeks have seen a little burst of ‘second round only’ walks, the first ones that get me solely fells I’ve bagged before (a few recent walks have bagged fells for the second time, but as part of walks which also bagged new ones). Three weeks ago on Aug 17th I took Joe on a walk up Silver How, near Grasmere, which I have now numbered as walk 1A. On that walk we did intend to do its neighbour Loughrigg Fell as well, a combination that I did (in the other direction) way back in 2009, on walk 8.

Walkers below Lang How

Walkers below Lang How, looking west from Silver How

But we never made it on the day for various reasons, so yesterday (Sept 5th) Joe and I returned to the area and bagged Loughrigg on a separate walk, which may as well get called walk 1B. Neither are strenuous or long — but they’ll do to keep things ticking over.

Hopefully a good chunk of the remaining first-round fells will be bagged over the next couple of weeks. In the mean time have a look at the new walk 1A and walk 1B pages if you like.


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