Walk 113 completed

July 14, 2016

Vale of Grasmere

View of the Vale of Grasmere, on the descent from Seat Sandal

Distracted myself both from some personal cock-ups which have, let’s say, rather altered my timetable this week, and the broader, institutional cock-ups which presently affect the lives of everyone in Britain — and did what I usually do when I need the space, that is, went for a walk.

Walk 113 of my ever-extending project got me into the heart of the Lake District, from Patterdale to Grasmere via the summits of Dollywaggon Pike and Seat Sandal. Dollywaggon Pike was my main target as it was five years ago that I went up its neighbour Nethermost Pike from Ruthwaite Cove to the east, a climb I since rated as one of the best in the whole first round.

Dollywaggon Pike from Grisedale

Dollywaggon Pike from Grisedale

The ascent was certainly adventurous and interesting even if it didn’t turn out as exciting as that of its neighbour. Good walk all round, even if the weather, once again, could have been better. Read the full details on the walk 113 page if interested.

As of today, then, I have reached 51 of the 330 Wainwrights in my second round, thus have 279 to go. With my summer break starting soon I do hope to get another walk in before the end of the month.

One Response to “Walk 113 completed”

  1. Drew, a very succinct post and I think you maybe speak for many of us who voted to remain……. I am all for democracy, but this was too important an issue to leave to those of us who had to decide based on ‘party political’ speeches and programs which used immigration as their main issue. I am educated up to ‘O’ level standard (remember those?) but I could see through the blatant lies from very early on. A lot of my friends didn’t have a clue and voted to exit; this very action tested the strength of friendships and I made a conscious decision not to let politics get in he way of friendships and to respect other peoples views.

    We have talked about leaving England and if Scotland managed to remain, then move north. I suppose we have to see what pans out, but it doesn’t bode well. Even now, the lies continue and you don’t have to be university-educated to see it.

    Do keep your posts coming Drew; we love the Lake District and our ability to climb the larger fells becomes harder each year as we grow older. But we have our eyes and our ears to wonder in the beauty of this little bit of heaven.

    Best wishes

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