Walk 114 done, as the summer holiday starts

July 24, 2016

Tarn Hows, towards Langdale

Tarn Hows, with the Langdale mountains behind

The weather still refuses to get particularly sunny, but although yesterday (Saturday 23rd July) was another cloudy one, it remained a pretty good day for walking. It was also my first day after finishing work for three weeks, which meant both that I did want to mark it with a walk, but, being tired, didn’t want anything too strenuous.

Hence walk 114, the first highlight of which was Tarn Hows, pictured here: an amazing 19th century piece of landscape gardening (albeit on land nicked from the peasants by an Act of Parliament in 1862). It also took in three summits, Black Fell from Wainwright’s volume 4, and Latterbarrow and Claife Heights from the Outyling Fells.

Conifers on Claife Heights

Conifers in (what remains of) the Claife Heights plantations.

A very good walk in its first part, the later bits were a bit less uplifting thanks to messy felled plantations, but still, all walks are worth doing in the end.

As of today I have done 54 of 330 Wainwrights in my second round, so have 276 to go. I plan a couple more walks before I have to go back to work, weather permitting, so check back… Meanwhile, more details about yesterday are on the walk 114 page for those that are interested.


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