Angletarn Pikes summit tower

The rather cute summit tower of Angletarn Pikes

Height: 1857 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 2 (The Far Eastern Fells)

Date climbed: First visit: 5th May 2012 (walk 55). Second visit: 6th August 2018 (walk 150).

Angletarn Pikes and Place Fell

Angletarn Pikes (and Place Fell in the background) from Hartsop Dodd.

Bagged as number: First round: 172 of 330. [ << Beda Fell (171)  (173) Rest Dodd >> ]

Second round: 158 of 330. [ << Little Hart Crag (157)  (159) Beda Fell >> ]

Route of ascent and descent:  First visit:  Approached on the ridge from Beda Fell. Left on the ridge to Rest Dodd.

Second visit: Ascended from Patterdale. Left on the ridge to Beda Fell.

What Mr Wainwright says(from page 2 of his chapter): “The distinctive double summit of Angletarn Pikes is a familiar feature high above the Patterdale valley: the two sharp peaks arrest attention from a distance and are no less imposing on close acquaintance, being attainable only by rock-scrambling, easy or difficult according to choice of route….

Angletarn Pikes summit

On the summit of Angletarn Pikes. The gentleman points away from the best views.

“The crowning glory of the Pikes, however, is the tarn from which they are named, cradled in a hollow just below the summit. Its indented shore and islets are features unusual in mountain tarns… in scenic values it ranks amongst the best of Lakeland tarns.”

What I say: I think Angletarn Pikes is great, both of its ‘castle keeps’ being worth a visit and fun to climb. Neither is as hard as it looks. I’m surprised this doesn’t make Wainwright’s list of ‘Top 6 summits’ in fact: it’s certainly a close contender.

Angle Tarn, from the south summit of Angletarn Pikes

Angle Tarn, from the south summit of Angletarn Pikes.

Angle Tarn is even better, a great spot to have lunch (even if on the day I did this, there were too many people around who think that just because they’re outdoors, speaking in very loud voices is somehow appropriate). Its little islands are great, and I’ll bet that I’m not the only one who on a hot sunny day, would probably consider giving up the walk here, wading out to one of the islets and just chilling out for a couple of hours.

Yes, this is a very highly recommended felltop, easy to get to from Patterdale as well.

[ << Allen Crags    Ard Crags >> ]

2 Responses to “Angletarn Pikes”

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  2. […] a lower-level walk more desirable. Hence walk 150, which took us up to the fine double summit of Angletarn Pikes and then along the ridge to Beda Fell, dropping down to Howtown. A straightforward walk but one […]

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