Ard Crags

Ard Crags, seen from Robinson. The curves in front are the descending ridge of Keskadale Edge.

Height: Wainwright estimated 1860 feet above sea level but the latest OS maps show 581 metres, which is 1905’.

Volume: Book 6 (The North Western Fells). This was the last fell bagged of the 29 in that volume, which thereby became the first of the volumes that I completed.

Date climbed: 13th April 2012 (walk 54)

Bagged as number:  170 of 330. [ << Knott Rigg (169)   Beda Fell (171) >> ]

Ard Crags summit

Ard Crags summit cairn. Causey Pike behind.

Route of ascent and descent:  Approached from Knott Rigg, descended to Rigg Beck.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 3 of his chapter): “In fell-climbing, as in other pursuits, there is a difference between achievement and satisfaction. One’s sense of achievement is roughly in proportion to altitude gained by effort, but one’s sense of satisfaction is not necessarily governed by the same rule. Lonely Ard Crags offers, especially in August, a climb up to a personal heaven of one’s very own – at only 1800 feet.”

What I say: Or, indeed, 1900 (see note on ‘Height’ above). The fell came at the end of a long walk and was, for me, more notable for marking the completion of The Northwestern Fells. But it had a pleasant summit, a nice, very narrow ridge covered in heather, and good views of the mountains around.

[ << Angletarn Pikes    Armboth Fell >> ]

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