Bannerdale Crags

Bannerdale Crags, viewed from Bowscale Fell

Height: 2230 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 5 (The Northern Fells)

Date climbed: 12th July 2010 (walk 21).

Bagged as number: 68 out of 214. [ << Bowscale Fell (67)  (69) Souther Fell >> ]

Summit of Bannerdale Crags

Summit of Bannerdale Crags

Route of ascent and descent:  Approached along the ridge from Bowscale Fell. Descended down White Horse Bent to the footbridge over the Glendaramackin, then went up Souther Fell before going down to Scales.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “Bannerdale Crags, to be appreciated fully, should be approached from the pleasant village of Mungrisdale, for only in this direction, eastwards, is revealed the mile-long rim of cliffs that gives the fell a name and is its one great scenic attraction [see picture below]…. Few visitors to Lakeland will have seen the crags, which turn their back on the district and are quite concealed from all places and viewpoints of popular resort. They are worth a visit, as is delightful Mungrisdale, an alpine old-world village that has so far escaped the invasions of tourists.”

What I say: The east ridge, better seen from Souther Fell opposite, looked an adventurous climb, but the walk from Bowscale Fell was surprisingly easy, and the views across the crags impressive. Similarly, on the descent, there were dramatic views of Blencathra. Combined with a visit to Bowscale Fell this makes for a fairly straightforward but interesting walk.

Photo note: The picture below was taken on a lovely day in April 2007, well before this project began, but it is worth including here as it gives a good impression of Mungrisdale and the view towards Bannerdale Crags, as noted in the quoted passage from Wainwright. The pyramidal hill on the right is The Tongue, a, well, tongue of Bowscale Fell. Bannerdale Crags are in the background. The slope on the left is part of Souther Fell.

The village of Mungrisdale (Bannerdale Crags in background)

The village of Mungrisdale (Bannerdale Crags in background)

[ << Bakestall    Bannisdale Horseshoe >> ]

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