Blake Fell from Grike

Blake Fell, from Grike.

Height: 1878 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 7 (The Western Fells)

Date climbed: First visit: 11th June 2011 (walk 37). Second visit: 31st July 2017 (walk 134).

Blake Fell summit

Blake Fell summit cairn.

Bagged as number: First round: 120 of 330. [ << Burnbank Fell (119)   (121) Gavel Fell >> ]

Second round: 114 of 330. [ << Devoke Water circuit (part) (112-113)  (115) Gavel Fell >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Approached on the ridge from Burnbank Fell and left on the ridge to Gavel Fell. The fences on these routes about which Wainwright complained are now much easier to cross.

Second visit: Came up from Felldyke, via Cogra Moss, the route depicted on page Blake Fell 6. Left for Gavel Fell once again.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “Blake Fell (locally known simply as Blake) is the highest of the Loweswater uplands, overtopping the others considerably and asserting this superiority by a distinctive final upthrust that makes it prominent in views of the group…. The fell, by reason of its fringe situation, gives the feeling of belonging more to West Cumberland than to the Lake District; more to Lamplugh, where everybody knows it, than to Loweswater, where Mellbreak is favourite.”

Blake Fell from Cogra Moss

Blake Fell rises above Cogra Moss

What I say: On my first visit Blake Fell suffered a little from ‘middle fell syndrome’, whereby I both approached and left it by ridges and thus did not get a full impression of it from the roots up. It was certainly the best summit of the day, however, higher than everything else for miles around and thus with an excellent view.

My second visit saw me climb up from the Cogra Moss reservoir, which is a nice spot and a good climb: Blake dominates the view exclusively, and there is no doubt where you are walking to on this route. The only problem with doing the walk from this side is access: there are a couple of obscure buses a week to Lamplugh if you can catch them. Otherwise you have to walk in from, at least, Frizington, which is a few miles away. It may be that you have to climb this fell from Loweswater, which is a mild shame as this is its duller side.

[ << Black Fell     Blawith Knott >> ]

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