Branstree, above Haweswater. Picture taken on walk 35.

Height: 2339 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 2 (The Far Eastern Fells)

Date climbed: 31st August 2012 (walk 65)

Bagged as number:  202 of 214. [ << Pike O’Blisco (201)  (203) Selside Pike >> ]

Branstree summit

Branstree summit: cairn, trig point, photographer’s feet.

Route of ascent and descent:  Came up from Mosedale Cottage, up the side of Great Grain Gill. Left on the ridge to Selside Pike.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “Branstree occupies a fine position at the head of three valleys, Mardale, Swindale and Longsleddale, and a fourth, Mosedale, runs along its southern base. This geographical attribute aside, the fell is dreary, and must disappoint all who climb it, for a good deal of perambulation is necessary across the flat and featureless top before these valleys can be brought sufficiently into view for full appreciation.”

Branstree from the south

Branstree from the eastern slopes of Kentmere Pike

What I say:  Disappointing, no: though I didn’t hold out great expectations. But although Branstree was a bit dull – a flat-topped grassy mound – simply being able to climb it in fairly decent weather gave it some novelty value compared to others climbed in the pseduo-summer of 2012, and the views are reasonable. It was also had the bonus of being able to sit down and have lunch on a sofa during the ascent (at Mosedale Cottage). Nevertheless, don’t come here expecting excitement.

[ << Brandreth    Brant Fell >> ]

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  1. […] one. Walk 65 saw me on the far eastern side of the district, picking up two fairly obscure fells (Branstree and Selside Pike) on an interesting walk that took me into three valleys, Wet Sleddale (pictured), […]

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