Dale Head

Dale Head, from Hindscarth

Height: 2473 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 6 (The North Western Fells)

Approaching Dale Head summit

Approaching Dale Head summit, on the ridge from Hindscarth

Date climbed: First visit: 13th April 2012 (walk 54). Second visit: 7th March 2016 (walk 107).

Bagged as numberFirst round: 163 of 330. [ << Grey Crag (162)  (164) Hindscarth >> ]

Second round: 28 of 330. [ << Hindscarth (27)  (29) Base Brown >> ]

Dale Head summit

Dale Head summit. Newlands drops off to the left. The Helvellyn range is the background.

Route of ascent and descent:  First visit:  Ascended from Rosthwaite, via Dalehead Tarn. Left on the ridge to Hindscarth.

Second visit: Came up from Hindscarth instead, and then descended to Honister Pass.

What Mr Wainwright says(from page 2 of his chapter): “Dale Head has much in common with Eel Crag in the Grasmoor group. Their summits are focal points of high country, the meeting place of ascending ridges. Both have craggy northern fronts, darkly shadowed, and easy southern approaches. Both enjoy extensive views of great merit, particularly north to Skiddaw. Taking everything into account, these two may be considered the most satisfying summits in the north western area.”

Dale Head in snow

Dale Head in snow, viewed from Grange Fell (walk 11, March 2010)

What I say: Dale Head took a while to impress me, as on my first visit I had to haul myself up the less-than-exciting slope above Dalehead Tarn, which itself is just a reedy pool. But the summit was very dramatic, the slope above Honister Pass coming to a sudden end right at the top, falling away to the valley of Newlands below. The cairn is very fine, one of the best in the district (see picture above). The ridge westwards was also a good walk. Added to that the quality of the views, particularly south to Scafell Pike, and this one did eventually make the effort worthwhile.

The second visit reinforced these good impressions. Even though I came up over Hindscarth rather than climb Dale Head direct, the ridge from the former was a very fine walk, and the descent down to Honister probably one of the easiest ways off any major Lakeland fell. I was at the bus stop in Seatoller about 50 minutes after leaving the summit cairn.

[ << Crookdale Horseshoe    Devoke Water circuit >> ]


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