Gavel Fell summit

Gavel Fell summit. Starling Dodd in the middle distance, Pillar and Scoat Fell in the background.

Height: 1720 feet above sea level in the first edition has been slightly boosted to 1726′ in the second.

Volume: Book 7 (The Western Fells)

Date climbed: First visit: 11th June 2011 (walk 37). Second visit: 31st July 2017 (walk 134).

Gavel Fell from Blake Fell

Looking down on Gavel Fell from Blake Fell (Great Borne in the background)

Bagged as number: First round: 119 of 330. [ << Blake Fell (118)  (120) Pike o’Stickle >> ]

Second round: 115 of 330. [ << Blake Fell (114)  (116-117) Woodland Fell >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First and second visits: Both done the same way: approached on the ridge from Blake Fell. Descended to High Nook Farm and then Loweswater, by the reverse of the route depicted on the left hand side of page Gavel Fell 5. There are some nice views on this descent.

What Mr Wainwright says(on page 5 of his chapter): “Gavel Fell, set well back and lacking in shapeliness, is not an obvious objective for a climb, yet it has clearly-defined boundaries, a direct ridge, and good views… This pleasant approach is typical of the shy charm of the Loweswater countryside. All is very rural and unspoilt. Here is an old English scene of honeysuckle and wild roses.”

Gavel Fell, from near Loweswater

Gavel Fell, from near Loweswater

What I say: It’s a bit of a shame I bagged Gavel Fell the same way each time. I have nothing against it but it is not a particularly distinctive fell, without its neighbours’ better features, like Burnbank Fell’s charming lower slopes nor Blake Fell’s prominent summit and good views to the sea. It did have the virtue of a descent that did not pummel my knees into submission, however. With the onset of middle age, these things matter.

[ << Froswick      Gibson Knott >> ]


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