Joe on the ridge, just north-west of Gibson Knott summit

Joe on the ridge, just north-west of Gibson Knott summit

Height: 1379 feet above sea level according to AW, though I could not get Memory-Map to find an altitude point very near this. To be honest it is not easy to tell from the map where the summit is, either on paper or on the ground.

Volume: Book 3 (The Central Fells)

Date climbed: 29th January 2011 (walk 31).

Gibson Knott from Greenburn

Gibson Knott, looking upwards from the Greenburn valley below.

Bagged as number: Number 100 of 330. [ << Steel Fell (99)  (101) Helm Crag >> ]

Route of ascent and descent:  Ascended from Greenburn Bottom, left along the ridge to Helm Crag.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 1 of his chapter): “Gibson Knott is the most elevated of the several sundry knobs and bumps that form the crest of the mile-long ridge linking at its extremities Calf Crag and Helm Crag and dividing the valleys of Far Easdale and Greenburn. There is much rock in evidence along the serrated top and fringing steep flanks… The summit is interesting, other parts less so.”

Gibson Knott

Gibson Knott, above Far Easdale

What I say: From below, and from the fells around, Gibson Knott looks hard to distinguish from the ridge, and it does not look higher than Helm Crag. However, once up there, it is a pleasant and interesting ridge walk, with a path that winds in and out and is fun to follow. There would be little point visiting this as the only target of an expedition, but combined with a visit to Helm Crag it is worth the climb.

[ << Gavel Fell      Glaramara >> ]

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