The summit of Glaramara

The summit of Glaramara (Great Gable in background)

Height: 2560 feet above sea level in the first edition: updated to 2569′ in the second.

Volume: Book 4 (The Southern Fells)

Glaramara, from Ullscarf.

Glaramara, from Ullscarf. Picture taken on walk 45.

Date climbed: First visit: 4th June 2010 (walk 19).

Second visit: 2nd January 2017 (walk 123).

Bagged as number: First round: 61 out of 330. [ << Rosthwaite Fell (60)  (62) Allen Crags >> ]

Second round: 85 of 330. [ << Humphrey Head (84)  (86) Allen Crags >> ]

Route of ascent and descent:  First visit: Approached on the ridge from Rosthwaite Fell, left on the ridge to Allen Crags.

Second visit: Ascended from Mountain View, Borrowdale. Went on to Allen Crags as before.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “Prominent in the mid-Borrowdale scene is the bulky fell of Glaramara, which, with an ally in Rosthwaite Fell, seems, on the approach from the north, to throw a great barrier across the valley… The ancient and beautiful name really applies only to the grey turret of rock at the summit but happily has been commonly adopted for the fell as a whole, and it is pleasing to record that no attempt has been made to rob it of this heritage of the past, as in the case of Blencathra.”

Combe Gill

Looking up Combe Gill

What I say: Both times I have visited, I have to say that I found Glaramara slightly underwhelming. There does not seem a great deal of appeal to this fell despite its popularity as an ascent (at least, it is popular according to Wainwright – actually I have seen hardly anyone up there on both visits, despite good weather and public or school holidays). However, there are good views of Borrowdale and Great End, and Combe Gill (pictured) is probably worth closer inspection.

[ << Gibson Knott      Glenridding Dodd >> ]


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