Grange Fell, viewed from Dodd

Grange Fell viewed from Dodd. King’s How prominent, Brund Fell behind.

Height: 1363 feet above sea level

Volume: Book 3 (The Central Fells)

Date climbed: 2nd March 2010 (walk 11)

Bagged as number: 35 of 214. [ << Blea Rigg (34)  (36) High Tove >> ]

View from Grange Fell summit

Grange Fell summit (Brund Fell).

Route of ascent and descent: Ascended from the Borrowdale Road, via Troutdale. Descended to Watendlath.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 1 of his chapter): “Grange Fell is nothing on the map, everything when beneath one’s feet. In small compass, here is concentrated the beauty, romance, interest and excitement of the typical Lakeland scene. Here Nature has given of her very best and produced a loveliness that is exquisite. Not strictly the territory of fellwalkers, perhaps: yet those who consistently hurry past Grange Fell to get to grips with the Scafells and Gable would do well to turn aside to it once in a while, alone, and quietly walk its sylvan glades and heathery top. The exercise will not tire the limbs, but it will do the heart and spirit and faith of the walker a power of good, and gladden his eye exceedingly.”

What I say: High praise indeed and done so poetically that whatever I say on the spur of the moment will not compare. On the whole I concur: it is certainly a beautiful little fell, at least on the Borrowdale side. It also seems the kind of place one could spend all day exploring.

Skiddaw range seen reflected in Derwentwater

The Skiddaw range and Derwentwater, from King’s How

Technically I could have omitted the ascent of King’s How and still counted this as a climb. Brund Fell is the ‘real’ summit, but to my eye it and King’s How are clearly separate, and not for the first time I wonder just what is the criterion for distinguishing between fells and whether AW consistently applied it. They look as separate to me as did Sallows and Sour Howes, for instance.  But anyway, I am glad I did not omit King’s How, because the view from there is, in my opinion, definitely superior to Brund Fell’s. This was for two reasons: first, you can see much more of Borrowdale, and second, the Skiddaw range appeared perfectly mirrored in Derwentwater (see picture): from Brund Fell the angles are wrong for the second, and King’s How itself gets in the way too much for the first. But in the end you should probably climb both: just as Wainwright suggests.

Grange Fell from Rosthwaite

Grange Fell from Rosthwaite – picture taken on walk 54. King’s How is to the left, Brund Fell the right.

[ << Gowbarrow Fell      Grasmoor >> ]

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