Grasmoor, from the Scale Hill Road

Grasmoor, from the Scale Hill Road.

Height: 2791 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 6 (The Northwestern Fells)

Date climbed: 28th October 2011 (walk 46)

Bagged as number: 145 out of 330. [ << Rannerdale Knotts (144)  (146) Helvellyn >> ]

The summit of Grasmoor

The summit of Grasmoor. Despite the etymology of the name (see the quote here), it can be seen to be apt.

Route of ascent and descent:  Ascended from Rannerdale, via Lad Hows. Descended first to Coledale Hause then down to Braithwaite via the Force Crag mine road.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “The culminating point of the Northwestern Fells occurs overlooking Crummock Water, where the massive bulk of Grasmoor towers above the threshold of the Buttermere valley, showing its full height to great advantage from the shores of the lake…. The name of the fell is commonly misspelt as Grassmoor, even in print, by writers who would never dream of misspelling Grasmere Grassmere. There is only one ‘s’. The gras derives from grise – wild boar – as in so many Lakeland names, e.g. Grisedale.”

Grasmoor viewed from Whiteside

Grasmoor viewed from Whiteside

What I say: ‘Grassmoor’ is certainly appropriate, however – once up on the top, the summit is quite flat and very grassy indeed. But to get there it is worth also accounting for the proper definition of another word cited in that description – ‘culminating’. Grasmoor is the highest summit in all of Wainwright’s volume 6, and believe me, if you hike up from anywhere on the Buttermere road, you will become quite cognisant of this fact. It’s a damn long climb, and bloody cold on the top on the day I was there.  I also think I saw it from its dullest side.  Views are some reward, but I found this one to be a long drag both up and down.

[ << Grange Fell        Gray Crag >> ]

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