Summit of Great Sca Fell

Summit of Great Sca Fell. Resemblance of summit cairn to a pile of elephant dung in the middle of the savannah may or may not be the photographer’s imagination.

Height: 2131 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 5 (The Northern Fells)

Great Sca Fell

Great Sca Fell, from High Pike. Picture taken on walk 59.

Date climbed: 16th October 2010 (walk 26).

Bagged as number: 83 out of 330. [ << Meal Fell (82)  (84) Brae Fell >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: Approach up the ridge from Meal Fell (actually quite a tedious and steep uphill trudge); left on the ridge to Brae Fell.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): ‘The Uldale Fells rise in three ridges between west and north to merge in one common meeting ground at the place of greatest altitude, this focal point being a smooth double-headed uplift of grassy fell, known to cartographers by the names of the twin summits, Great and Little Sca Fell, but to farmers and shepherds merely as Scafell. (No resemblance to any other Scafell is intended, nor does it exist.).…

Great Sca Fell viewed from Meal Fell

Great Sca Fell viewed from Meal Fell; main summit centre right, Little Sca Fell to left

‘Nowadays Great Sca Fell is as it was before the miners came, a peaceful and undisturbed sheep pasture – and a quiet sanctuary in a world becoming discordant and noisy, where natural sanctuaries are shrinking fast yet were never in greater need.’

What I say: Like most of the fells on this walk Great Sca Fell was OK, certainly no reason to have anything against it but not exciting in any way.

Incidentally, Wainwright’s claim that Bowfell, Esk Pike and Crinkle Crags can be seen from the summit (see page 9 of his chapter) is not supported by my observations. I went there on a day of decent visibility and was looking exactly at the view sketched at the bottom of the page but no sign of the three peaks, not from the summit cairn nor from anywhere else I tried in the vicinity. I even climbed on the cairn to see if that made a difference (Wainwright was a pretty tall man). Still no sign. Is it possible that atmospheric conditions on the day the view was recorded by AW caused a sort of mirage effect? It can happen. Or maybe I just missed them for some reason. Which is, of course, the ‘Occam’s Razor’ explanation.

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One Response to “Great Sca Fell”

  1. Jen said

    According to it’s Bowfell, Glaramara and Esk Pike – close enough?

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