Grey Knotts and Innominate Tarn

Grey Knotts viewed from Haystacks, over Innominate Tarn

Height: 2287 feet above sea level was given in the first edition of Wainwright but the second lops ten feet of this and lists it as 2277′.

Volume: Book 7 (The Western Fells).

Date climbed: First visit: 26th April 2010 (walk 13). Second visit: 28th March 2016 (walk 108).

Bagged as number: First visit: 46 out of 330. [ << Brandreth (45)  (47) High Street >> ]

Grey Knotts over Gillercomb

Grey Knotts from Base Brown, over Gillercomb

Second visit: 32 of 330. [ << Brandreth (31)  (33) Reston Scar >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Approached along the (very short) ridge from Brandreth. Descended to Honister Pass: I started following the fence down as recommended on page 8 of Wainwright’s chapter, but this quickly lost its appeal so I slanted across to the old tramway pretty early on.

Second visit: Same approach, same descent except this time I went straight for the tramway.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 8 of his chapter): “Grey tors of rock, most of them bearing cairns and looking much alike, and several small sheets of water, make the top of the fell very attractive… Two tors compete for the distinction of being the highest: the survey station at 2287’ is within the angle of the fence…

Summit rocks and cairn, Grey Knotts

Summit rocks and cairn, Grey Knotts

The name ‘Grey Knotts’ is apt, and appropriate to the scenery of the top. But it clearly refers only to the summit, this being yet another example of a summit-name commonly, but quite wrongly, adopted for the whole fell from the roots up. Compare ‘Great Gable’, another descriptive name, which obviously applies to the mountain in its entirety, the summit having no separate name.”

What I say: I probably haven’t done Grey Knotts much justice with my two visits as on both occasions I passed over this at quite a pace. Had I not already seen the summit of Haystacks, the mixture of rocky outcrops and tiny tarns up here would probably have been more interesting, but Haystacks does the same but far better. Not bad, but too much of an ‘on the way down’ feeling. It might be better as a climb in its own right: as most fells are, let’s face it.

[ << Grey Friar      Grike >> ]


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