Harter Fell, from Mardale Head

Harter Fell, from Mardale Head (this picture was taken in May 2010, on walk 14)

Height: 2539 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 2 (The Far Eastern Fells)

Date climbed: 2nd April 2011 (walk 35).

Bagged as number: 108 out of 214. [ << Mardale Ill Bell (107)  (109) Kentmere Pike >> ]

Harter Fell summit

Harter Fell summit. Ill Bell and Froswick behind.

Route of ascent and descent: Approached on the ridge from Mardale Ill Bell, via Nan Bield Pass. Left on the ridge to Kentmere Pike.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “A broad wedge of lonely upland country rises from the valley of the Kent at Burneside and continues north, narrowing, between the valleys of Kentmere and Longsleddale for nine mies; until, having very gradually attained its maximum height on Harter Fell, the ground suddenly collapses in a tremendous wall of crags, falling swiftly to the head of Mardale amongst wild and romantic surroundings – one of the noblest mountain scenes in the district.”

View of Haweswater from Harter Fell

View of Haweswater from the northernmost cairn of Harter Fell.

What I say: Harter Fell certainly does look dramatic from Haweswater, and the climb up from Nan Bield is also very enjoyable, with some great views, and Small Water seemingly right beneath your feet. Once actually up on the summit it turns into a surprisingly gentle and grassy fell, however, and the walk down to Kentmere Pike is, if not actually dull (the views are too good for that), rather unexciting. But it’s still worth climbing.

Note: There is another Harter Fell, in Eskdale, one of Wainwright’s Southern Fells (volume 4).

[ << Harter Fell (Eskdale)   Hartsop above How >> ]

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