Heron Pike

Heron Pike from above Stone Arthur.

Height: 2003 feet above sea level was given in the original edition but since then the OS have added a bit and the height is now recorded as 2008′.

Volume: Book 1 (The Eastern Fells)

Heron Pike in snow

Heron Pike and Windermere, seen from Great Rigg.

Date climbed: First visit: 9th August 2010 (walk 22).

Second visit: 15th January 2016 (walk 105).

Bagged as number: First round: 71 out of 330. [ << Nab Scar (70)  (72) Seat Sandal >> ]

Second round: 23 out of 330. [ << Great Rigg (22)  Nab Scar (24) >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Ascended up the ridge from Nab Scar, and then turned around and went back down the same way.

Second visit: Dropped down from Great Rigg instead, but the descent was the same, over Nab Scar to Rydal.

Heron Pike summit

Heron Pike summit rocks. Attractive rashes of quartz clearly visible. Also note adult-sized and child-sized walking sticks…

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “Heron Pike is a grassy mound on the long southern ridge of Fairfield. From no direction does it look like a pike or peak nor will herons be found there. It is a viewpoint of some merit but otherwise is of little interest. It is climbed not, as a rule, for any attraction of its own but because it happens to lie on a popular route to Fairfield.”

What I say: On neither of the two times I have been here have I seen the view. The first time, with Joe, it was climbed in the mist and the second time, alone, in a snowstorm. So I have never seen Heron Pike’s view to compensate for its other supposed shortcomings. However, I did quite like the summit rocks, shot through with substantial rashes of quartz. A minor plus perhaps but one should try to see beauty where one can. And Heron Pike has endeared itself to me now by being the subject of a couple of half-decent photos — as provided above.

[ << Hen Comb      Hesk Fell >> ]

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