High Hartsop Dodd

High Hartsop Dodd, and the perfect drumlin, from Dovedale

Height: 1702 feet above sea level

Volume: Book 1 (The Eastern Fells)

Date climbed: 9th September 2009 (walk 5)

Bagged as number: 17 out of 330. [ << Little Hart Crag (16)   (18) High Pike (Ambleside) >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: Both approached the summit, and left it, along the ridge to Little Hart Crag.

High Hartsop Dodd (foreground)

High Hartsop Dodd is the ridge in the foreground. There is nothing that resembles a summit more than this: thus the argument that it isn’t a separate fell at all…

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 1 of his chapter): “High Hartsop Dodd, seen from the valley near Brothers Water, has the appearance of an isolated mountain with a peaked summit and steep sides, a very shapely pyramid rising from green fields. But in fact it is merely the termination of a spur of a higher fell, Little Hart Crag, which it partly hides from view, and its uninteresting grassy summit has little distinction….”

What I say: No, it was not a place of distinction in terms of the scenery, but I did spend a very pleasant 20 minutes on the top of this fell, sitting in the grass on a beautiful September lunchtime, eating my sandwiches and listening to the complete silence. As you will know if you have suffered through the story of this walk (what patience…), this is the point at which things took a turn for the worse. Should you follow in my footsteps and it’s also a lovely day – I suggest staying there for as long as you can, then going straight back down to Scandale and Ambleside. But then again you will have been more sensible than me, and brought enough water.

I do have to add, by the way, that of all the main 214 Wainwrights, I think this is the one that least deserves to be counted as a separate fell; from very few angles does it look like anything other than a spur at the end of Little Hart Crag, and it doesn’t even really have a summit.

[ << High Crag     High Knott >> ]


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