Holme Fell from Coniston Water

Holme Fell from Coniston Water

Height: 1040 feet above sea level. Although this was an approximation of Wainwright’s, the spot height now marked on the OS Map corroborates it. It is the second-lowest Wainwright of all those in the main 214 – only Castle Crag has a lower altitude. However, many of the Outlying Fells are lower.

Volume: Book 4 (The Southern Fells)

Holme Fell summit cairn

Holme Fell summit cairn

Date climbedFirst visit:  16th September 2011 (walk 44).

Second visit: 18th November 2019 (walk 172).

Bagged as numberFirst round: 140 of 330. [ << Yewbarrow (139)  (141) Black Fell >> ]

Second round: 231 of 330. [ << Red Pike (Buttermere) (230)  (232) Lingmoor Fell >> ]

Route of ascent and descentFirst visit: Approached from, and returned to, the old quarry near Hodge Close, before going on to Black Fell.

Second visit: Came up from Coniston, via Yew Tree Farm. Descended, again, to Hodge Close, but this time went from there to Little Langdale and Lingmoor Fell.

Coniston Water

The view of Coniston Water from the top of Holme Fell

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 3 of his chapter): “A craggy southern front, a switchback ridge, a cluster of small, but very beautiful tree-girt tarns (old reservoirs), and a great quarry that reveals the core of colourful slate lying beneath the glorious jungle of juniper and birch, heather and bracken, make this one of the most attractive of Lakeland’s fells.”

What I say: My first visit was tarnished by doing it in drizzle, and not having a view from the summit, but even under those circumstances I did enjoy the walk up and down Holme Fell. Brief as it is, the quote above does give a flavour of the place, and there is the added advantage of low altitude, so the summit can be enjoyed without the feeling that one’s legs have fallen off as the price of reaching it. On the second visit the view was there as the photo proves; it’s not a bad one, although there are many better lake views in the district (I’ve never thought Coniston Water to be a particularly attractive lake to be honest).

The hole of Hodge Close quarry also has to be seen to be believed: a good 500, 600 feet long, say 100 feet deep – hard to judge for sure but there can’t be many bigger holes in the country, and it is both impressive and beautiful, in its way.

[ << Hindscarth      Hopegill Head >> ]

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