Summit of Kidsty Pike

The summit of Kidsty Pike

Height: 2560 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 2 (The Far Eastern Fells).

Kidsty Pike and the valley of Riggindale

Kidsty Pike and the valley of Riggindale (picture taken on walk 35)

Date climbed: 22nd May 2010 (walk 14).

Bagged as number: NUMBER FIFTY out of 214. Half-century reached! [ << Rampsgill Head (49)  (51) High Raise >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: Approached by a five-minute stroll from Rampsgill Head, and left for a not-much-longer walk to High Raise.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “Travellers on the road and railway at Shap, looking west to the long undulating skyline of the High Street range, will find their attention focusing on the most prominent feature there, the sharp peak of Kidsty Pike. This distinctive summit, which unmistakably identifies the fell whenever it is seen in profile, is formed by the sudden breaking of the gently-rising eastern slope in a precipice of crags and scree that falls very abruptly into the depths of Riggindale. The summit is the best feature of the fell.”

View from Straits of Riggindale

The view from the Straits of Riggindale. Kidsty Pike on left.

What I say: Agreed, an excellent and dramatic summit as you can see from the pictures and a sweet place to have lunch, take my boots off, wiggle my toes in the air for a while and celebrate the milestone of the fiftieth fell. Unlike the previous two fells, Rampsgill Head and The Knott, Kidsty Pike was always prominently in view during the walk from Mardale and the changing shapes adopted by the summit peak made were interesting to look at.  It lacks a particularly good view, at least in the sense of it being panoramic, but High Street is from here an impressive sight. But all in all it is worth a visit, and I think should be climbed from Mardale (either direct or via High Street as I did) instead of approaching it the back way, from Patterdale.

[ << Kentmere Pike      Kirk Fell >> ]


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