Loft Crag viewed from Harrison Stickle

Loft Crag viewed from Harrison Stickle

Height: 2270 feet above sea level

Volume: Book 3 (The Central Fells)

Date climbed: First visit: 13th February 2010 (walk 10). Second visit: 21st June 2016 (walk 112).

Loft Crag

Loft Crag seen from Pike o’Stickle

Bagged as number: First round: 30 out of 330. [ << Dodd (29)  (31) Harrison Stickle >> ].

Second round: 49 of 330. [ << Pike o’Stickle (48)  (50) Dollywaggon Pike >> ]

Route of ascent: First visit: Ascended from Dungeon Ghyll, via Mickleden and Troughton Beck. My intention was to climb Pike o’ Stickle first but never made it up. Left for Harrison Stickle. Second visit: Came over from Pike o’Stickle (successfully climbed this time), and then descended down to Dungeon Ghyll.

What Mr Wainwright says (from p. 1 of his chapter): “The Langdale Pikes are variously regarded as being from two to five in number. Thorn Crag and Pavey Ark, often included in the count, have not the distinctive outline of the others, and should perhaps more properly be omitted, but Loft Crag most certainly has the qualifying characteristics. It lies between Pike o’ Stickle and Harrison Stickle but south of them, having a small abrupt summit (often mistaken for Pike o’ Stickle in views from the east) directly below which is the magnificent buttress of Gimmer Crag, most popular of all climbing-grounds.”

Loft Crag summit

The summit cairn of Loft Crag. The slopes behind are those of Thunacar Knott

What I say: On my first visit, as the commentary on walk 10 indicates, I made the summit of this in very poor conditions and for a time (until the clouds cleared later and I could reconstruct my route as viewed from afar) I was not even sure I had made the true summit. My second visit was much better, and revealed that this is a good, airy summit with a steep and abrupt top. It is clearly subsidiary to its two more prominent neighbours, although it does have Gimmer Crag — this is far better seen from across the valley than from Loft Crag itself, however. A good fell, but I don’t imagine anyone would climb it as the sole objective of any expedition.

[ << Loadpot Hill       Long Side >> ]


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