Skiddaw and Lonscale Fell

Lonscale Fell (with the rest of the Skiddaw range behind), from Clough Head

Height: 2344 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 5 (The Northern Fells).

Date climbed: First visit: 4th January 2013 (walk 70). Second visit: 2nd January 2019 (walk 156).

Lonscale Fell summit

Lonscale Fell summit, Skiddaw Little Man behind.

Bagged as numberFirst round: 216 of 330. [ << High Seat (215)   (217) Latrigg >> ]

Second round: 175 of 330. [ << Brant Fell (174)  (176) Skiddaw Little Man >> ]

Route of ascent and descentFirst visit: Approached from Keswick, via ‘route C’ as depicted on page Lonscale Fell 4. Descended via ‘route A’ (same page) then went on to Latrigg.

Second visit: Came in from Threlkeld and then went up the east ridge (see page 5). A practical climb, but very steep. Left along the ridge to Skiddaw Little Man.

Sinen Gill and Lonscale Fell

Sinen Gill on Mungrisdale Common, with Lonscale Fell behind.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “From the summit-ridge of Skiddaw the main watershed eastwards switchbacks over Little Man and Jenkin Hill to Lonscale Fell, this being the familiar outline so conspicuously in view on the southern approaches to Keswick… All the interest of Lonscale Fell lies in its east face, a mile-long rough declivity out of character with the general structure of the fell and unusual in an area where smooth grass slopes predominate.”

Lonscale Fell, Great Calva and the Glenderaterra valley

Lonscale Fell, Great Calva and the Glenderaterra valley

What I say: Lonscale Fell does look good when the east peak appears in views, as you can see from the two pictures here. And it’s from the east that the interest lies for the climber. The haul up the south face, from Keswick, is pretty tedious. But you need to be prepared for the climb from the east: it is very steep, and the north-east buttress (also described on page 5 of the chapter) looks very difficult. However, the reward at the top is a stupendous view, as long as you go up on a nice day.

[ << Longlands Fell      Lord’s Seat >> ]


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