Nethermost Pike

Nethermost Pike, seen from Birks.

Height: 2920 feet above sea level (the 9th highest Wainwright).

Volume: Book 1 (The Eastern Fells)

Date climbed: 21st July 2011 (walk 39)

Bagged as number: 124 of 330. [ << Rossett Pike (123)  (125) Dollywaggon Pike >> ]

Near Nethermost Pike summit

Near Nethermost Pike summit – Helvellyn in the background

Route of ascent and descent:  Ascended from Ruthwaite Lodge, via Ruthwaite Cove, Hard Tarn and the east ridge: a marvellous climb. In the picture above – and remember you can click on it to see a larger version – Ruthwaite Lodge is more or less behind the walkers, with the Cove above them. Hard Tarn is too small to be seen clearly, but the east ridge is clearly defined by shadow, heading up, seemingly vertically, to right of centre.

Left on the ridge to Dollywaggon Pike, also a good walk if you stick to the edge of the crags.

What Mr Wainwright says (on page 2 of his chapter): “…Helvellyn is the great magnet that draws the crowds to Nethermost Pike: the latter is climbed incidentally, almost unknowingly, because it is an obstacle in the route to its bigger neighbour. The grassy west slope trodden by the multitudes is of little interest, but the fell should not be judged accordingly: it is made of sterner stuff. From the east, Nethermost Pike is magnificent… On this side a narrow rocky ridge bounded by forbidding crags falls steeply between twin hollows, deeply recessed, in a wild and lonely setting: here is solitude, for here few men walk. Here, too, is a gem of a tarn.”

The top of the east ridge

The extremely narrow top of the east ridge.

What I say: Well, I’m thoroughly glad that all the rabble were engaged in their ascents of Helvellyn because that meant I had Nethermost Pike pretty much to myself, seeing no one all the way up from Ruthwaite Lodge, through the cove and on to the summit. And a pretty damn fine fell it is too, totally misrepresented by its flat top. The east ridge is great, not as difficult as it looks, although the very top, when it narrows to an extraordinary degree (see this picture here – you come up and over that tiny point!), might worry some people. But it’s definitely worth the bother – I thoroughly enjoyed this one and it deserves to be a much better-known climb.

[ << Naddle Horseshoe      Newton Fell >> ]

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