Outerside, from High Moss

Outerside, from High Moss

Height: 1863 feet above sea level

Volume: Book 6 (The Northwestern Fells)

Date climbed: First visit: 23rd July 2009 (walk 3)

Looking down Coledale

Looking down Coledale. Outerside on the right, Blencathra and Great Mell Fell in the background.

Second visit: 7th April 2017 (walk 126).

Bagged as numberFirst round: 11 out of 330. [ << Sail (10)  (12) Barrow >> ]

Second round: 93 of 330. [ << Barrow (92)  (94) Sail >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Came up from High Moss, crossing the minor (wet) plateau from the mine road, and then left via the ridge to Barrow.

Second visit: Reversed this.

What Mr. Wainwright says (from page 7 of his chapter): “Outerside is severely circumscribed by the mountains around Coledale, which maintain a consistently higher skyline, and only between north and south-east is there an open prospect. The view lacks charm, but its intimate detail of the tremendous declivities amongst which the head of Coledale is so deeply inurned – a fine mountain scene – is very impressive.”

Outerside summit

Outerside summit, Grisedale Pike behind

What I say: On my first visit I came to Outerside early enough in the project to not yet be completely paying attention, and was definitely on the descent, so gave it hardly any time and had nothing to say about it.

Later sightings (e.g. walk 46)  did reveal Outerside to be a fairly attractive object: see the picture above. It looks more impressive from Coledale than when seen from other directions. A second visit to the summit proved that it is not the most exciting fell but would be worth a climb on a day when the heather is in bloom. Grisedale Pike looks impressive from here as well, an optical illusion making it seem quite vertical.

[ << Orrest Head     Pavey Ark >> ]

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