Raise from White Side

Looking back to Raise, from White Side

Height: 2889 feet above sea level was the figure given in the first edition, but since then the OS have recalculated, so the second edition raises (ha ha) the altitude to 2897 feet. Raise is the twelfth highest of all the Wainwrights.

View along Ullswater from Bonscale Pike

Looking along the middle reach of Ullswater from Bonscale Pike. Raise is the fell in the background.

Volume: Book 1 (The Eastern Fells)

Date climbed: First visit: 2nd December 2011 (walk 47).

Second visit: 29th November 2017 (walk 139).

Bagged as numberFirst round: 148 of 330. [ << White Side (147)   (149) Stybarrow Dodd >> ]

Second round: 129 of 330. [ << Sheffield Pike (128)  (131) White Side >> ]

Route of ascent and descentFirst visit: Approached on the ridge from White Side and descended to Sticks Pass before going on to Stybarrow Dodd.

Second visit: Came up from the old lead mine, via the chimney/aqueduct: see the diagram on page Raise 6. Left along the ridge to White Side.

What Mr Wainwright says(from page 2 of his chapter): “Raise deserves a special cheer. It is the only summit in the Helvellyn range adorned with a crown of rough rocks – and they make a welcome change from the dull monotony of the green expanses around Sticks Pass. But in general the fell conforms to the usual Helvellyn pattern, the western slopes being grassy and the eastern slopes more scarred.”

Raise, summit cairn

The impressive summit cairn of Raise.

What I say: On both days I have visited there were no ‘green expanses’ to be seen, with the Helvellyn range coated in snow. On the first visit then, Raise seemed no more distinctive than its neighbours, and for such a high fell there didn’t seem much to say about it. On my second visit I gave it a proper ascent, from the lead mine. This was a reasonable climb, again, done in snow: a bit of a haul but not as bad as some. The rock tor illustrated on page Raise 2 is a nice feature.

Raise is also the only place in the Lakes with a ski lift; it’s to the north-east of the summit. I have no idea when it operates, probably on an ad hoc basis depending on the weather. Although considering both times I have been up it’s been snowy, it seemed to remain steadfastly inoperable.

[ << Potter Fell       Rampsgill Head >> ]

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