Raven Crag

Raven Crag, pictured from the #555 bus.

Height: 1512 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 3 (The Central Fells).

View from Raven Crag summit

The summit of Raven Crag in 2018 (with added wooden platform), looking down Thirlmere. Helvellyn on the left.

Date climbed: First visit: 24th November 2012 (walk 69). Second visit: 24th January 2018 (walk 141).

Bagged as numberFirst round: 214 of 330. [ << High Rigg (213)  (215) High Seat >> ].

Second round: 134 of 330. [ << High Rigg (133)  (135) Burney >> ]

Route of ascent and descentFirst visit: Ascended from the Thirlmere Dam. Descended to Shoulthwaite Gill and went from there up to High Seat. Not a ‘ridge route‘, or it wouldn’t cross a stream, but a practical walk nonetheless: which is contrary to advice given on page Raven Crag 3, but still the case.

Second visit: Came up from the dam again and, this time, descended the same way.

Raven Crag summit

Raven Crag summit in 2012 (minus wooden platform) – the only truly wooded summit in the 214.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 4 of his chapter): “There is relief here for the conscientious chronicler of summit views, much of the western half of the panorama being concealed by a dense screen of fir and larch only a few yards from the summit cairn…. [the] full-length view of Thirlmere is excellent. By a cautious scramble a dramatic aerial prospect of the dam directly below may be obtained, but extreme care is necessary here: the precipice falls away suddenly and vertically.”

What I say:  Having been to all of them now I can say with authority that Raven Crag has a few claims to fame, or at least, distinctiveness among Lakeland summits. It’s one of only a few that is still fully wooded (Dunmallet, Claife Heights, Finsthwaite Heights and Castle Crag being the others; it probably comes third on this scale) and in 2012 this contributed to current difficulties of access, with the lower parts of the path being blocked (but not insurmountably so) by fallen trees. However, since then a new path has been constructed up to the summit and this improves things greatly.

Raven Crag and plantations

Raven Crag viewed through the plantations

However, it’s also one of the most dangerous Lakeland summits, with the precipice mentioned above being a real hazard; take more than a dozen steps in the direction of Thirlmere from the cairn and you’ll be dead, so please be careful up here. It’s quite safe as long as you stick by the cairn. The building of the new wooden platform on the summit since 2012 has surely been motivated, at least in part, to protect against this possibility.

Is it worth the bother? Well…. yes, it’s OK I suppose; perhaps because of these distinctive features it doesn’t really feel like other summits. And the view of Thirlmere is very good: the best one of this particular lake.

[ << Rannerdale Knotts     Red Pike (Buttermere) >>]

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