Sale Fell viewed from Binsey

Sale Fell viewed from Binsey

Height: The first edition put it at 1170 feet above sea level, but the OS have since added another few feet and the height is now recorded as 1178′.

Volume: Book 6 (The North Western Fells)

Sale Fell summit

Approaching the summit of Sale Fell

Date climbed: First visit: 1st June 2010 (walk 17). Second visit: 18th February 2016 (walk 106).

Bagged as number: First round: 56 out of 330. [ << Pillar (55)   (57) Ling Fell >> ]

Second round: 26 out of 330. [ << Ling Fell (25)   (27) Hindscarth >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Ascended from the Pheasant Inn, and descended to Kelswick before crossing the Wythop valley and climbing Ling Fell.

Second visit: Came up from the Wythop valley this time, from the road near Eskin, and descended to the Pheasant Inn.

Sale Fell

Sale Fell. viewed from Ling Fell

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “Sale Fell is the extreme corner-stone of the North Western Fells, with an outlook ranging far across the Cumberland plain to the Scottish coast. It is a familiar sight on the busy Keswick-Workington road, of which it has an oversight for several miles; going west along this road, Sale Fell marks the end of Lakeland.

“It is a pleasant eminence of low altitude, not remarkable in itself (although of some interest to geologists) and its main attraction to walkers will be as an easy promenade providing an aerial survey of the hidden Wythop valley.”

Clare on the summit of Sale Fell

Clare on the summit of Sale Fell, looking towards Skiddaw (well, she’s not, but the photographer is)

What I say: Any fell that gets 12 pages in Wainwright might be expected to have some interest but most of Wainwright’s work in this chapter goes in describing the Wythop valley and nearby Wythop Wood rather than Sale Fell itself. But the point of these walks is not simply to bag summits, but experience the district, and the Wythop valley is certainly worth a visit (and the work AW devoted to it); still a rural enclave, extremely quiet and where sheep and bracken are the dominant lifeforms. Further up, beyond its views of Wythop below it has little of real interest, but there are good things to be found in the simple, gently rural, and Sale Fell has them.

[ << St Sunday Crag       Sallows >> ]


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  1. […] 106: the same territory as walk 17, which I did (with the wife) back in June 2010. Ling Fell and Sale Fell were the two summits bagged, both from volume 6, the first two from that book bagged a second time, […]

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