Scoat Fell summit

One of the summits of Scoat Fell. (See note below.)

Height: 2760 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 7 (The Western Fells)

Date climbed: First visit: 1st September 2011 (walk 43a). Second visit: 6th September 2018 (walk 152b).

Bagged as number: First round: 134 of 330. [ << Steeple (133)   (135) Red Pike >> ].

Scoat Fell and Steeple

Scoat Fell (right) and Steeple, viewed on the approach from Haycock.

Second round: 165 of 330 — meaning Scoat Fell was the halfway point of my second round, [ << Steeple (164)  (166) Pillar >> ]

Route of ascent and descentFirst visit: Approached from Haycock, though diverted just before the summit to cross to Steeple first before returning. Left on the ridge to Red Pike.

Second visit: Came over from Steeple again but I had ascended that fell from Ennerdale. Left on the ridge to Pillar.

Scoat Fell true summit

Scoat Fell’s true summit cairn, built on the wall

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “Although often climbed from Wasdale as a part of the ‘Mosedale Horseshoe’, Scoat Fell has no fan club and few devotees, for the long plateau forming the top compares unfavourably with the more shapely summits of other fells even easier of access from Wasdale Head; and, moreover, a massive stone wall following the watershed impedes freedom of view and freedom of movement…. Yet Scoat Fell triumphs over its disabilities, and provides magnificent mountain scenery on all sides.”

What I say: Scoat Fell only really looks good when viewed from Steeple, its northern crags rearing up over the latter peak like a wave (see the picture of the summit cairn on the Steeple page). With Red Pike, almost as dramatic, just to the south as well, the flat top doesn’t make much impression, as Wainwright notes. But it’s the summit of its immediate vicinity and worth climbing. Divorcing it from Steeple, which is blatantly a part of it, does it no favours when it comes to assessing its merits.

By the way, the cairn pictured at the top, though Wainwright says it is often considered the summit, is in fact a couple of hundred yards from the real summit – a little cairn built right on top of the wall, as seen in the other picture.

[ << School Knott       Scout Scar >> ]


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