The Troutbeck valley

Troutbeck valley, seen on the descent from Caudale Moor (walk 66). Sour Howes is the most prominent fell, to centre left.

Height: 1568 feet above sea level

Volume: Book 2 (The Far Eastern Fells)

Date climbed: 9th October 2009 (walk 7)

Bagged as number: 25 out of 214. [ << Sallows (24)   (26) Troutbeck Tongue >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: Approached on the ridge from Sallows, which is a clear and obvious ridge route despite not being described (in either fell’s chapter) by AW. Descended to the Garburn Road and then went on to Troutbeck Tongue (see below for a note on the descent).

Summit of Sour Howes

The summit of Sour Howes

What Mr. Wainwright says (from page 3 of his chapter): “Sour Howes is a fell with no obvious appeal to walkers and few other than conscientious guide-book writers will visit its summit; nevertheless it makes a pleasant walk from Windermere, Ings or Staveley, especially on a clear day for the views are good.”

What I say: Despite this rather unpromising advertisement, and also the fact that I did this walk on a rather cloudy Friday in October, there were other walkers on the fell where I thought I would be all alone. Maybe they were also ‘conscientious guidebook writers’ – or peak-baggers like me. The walk from Sallows was straightforward and the summit of Sour Howes interesting (though I wouldn’t have liked to have picked out the highest point in misty weather, there being a series of grassy hillocks over quite a wide area).

Sour Howes

Sour Howes from High Knott (picture taken on walk 97)

The descent was a bit awkward: I tried to bear left a little rather than just return to Sallows and descend to Garburn Pass, but then probably ended up trespassing as there is a new fence blocking all access to the Garburn Road from anywhere below the summit of the pass. I got across, but it wasn’t straightforward.

[ << Slight Side      Souther Fell >> ]


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