The Troutbeck valley

Troutbeck valley, seen on the descent from Caudale Moor. Sour Howes is the most prominent fell, to centre left.

Height: 1568 feet above sea level in the first edition; this has been increased to 1585′ in the second edition.

Volume: Book 2 (The Far Eastern Fells).

Date climbed: First visit: 9th October 2009 (walk 7). Second visit: 4th November 2017 (walk 138).

Bagged as number: First round: 25 out of 330. [ << Sallows (24)   (26) Troutbeck Tongue >> ]

Sour Howes summit

Sour Howes’ minuscule and very cute summit cairn. Red Screes behind.

Second round: 125 out of 330. [ << High Knott (124)  (126) Sallows >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Approached on the ridge from Sallows, which is a clear and obvious ridge route despite not being described (in either fell’s chapter) by AW. Descended to the Garburn Road and then went on to Troutbeck Tongue (see below for a note on the descent).

Second visit: Ascended from the south-east, having come in from High Knott. Left along the ridge to Sallows.

What Mr. Wainwright says (from page 3 of his chapter): “Sour Howes is a fell with no obvious appeal to walkers and few other than conscientious guide-book writers will visit its summit; nevertheless it makes a pleasant walk from Windermere, Ings or Staveley, especially on a clear day for the views are good.”

What I say: Despite this rather unpromising advertisement, both times I have been here there were other walkers on the fell where I thought I would be all alone. Maybe they were also ‘conscientious guidebook writers’ – or peak-baggers like me. It is worth climbing though, principally for its excellent view; Windermere is seen almost full-length.

Sour Howes

Sour Howes from High Knott

Either way, there are some doubts as to access to this fell even though it is ‘open access land’ as defined by law and the OS map. The walk from Sallows was straightforward and the summit of Sour Howes interesting (though I wouldn’t have liked to have picked out the highest point in misty weather, there being a series of grassy hillocks over quite a wide area).

Descents in either direction are going to be made awkward by the aforementioned access problems, One can get across the fences and walls, but not straightforwardly.

[ << Slight Side      Souther Fell >> ]

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  1. […] rain showers admittedly — as pictured here0 saw me bag three fells on walk 138: High Knott, Sour Howes and Sallows. The walk was a little longer than expected (12.5 miles) but it’s worth doing […]

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