The summit of Stybarrow Dodd

The summit of Stybarrow Dodd.

Height: 2770 feet above sea level was Wainwright’s approximation (a calculation explained in great detail on page 7 of the Stybarrow Dodd chapter). The OS map now shows a spot height at 843m, which is 2766 feet, so he wasn’t far off (which is not the case with all his altitude estimations incidentally). However, 2770′ is still the figure recorded on the front page of the chapter.

Stybarrow Dodd from old pony route

Stybarrow Dodd from the ‘old pony route’ on White Side

Volume: Book 1 (The Eastern Fells)

Date climbedFirst visit: 2nd December 2011 (walk 47).

Second visit: 9th January 2019 (walk 157).

Bagged as number: First visit: 149 out of 330.

. [ << Raise (148)  (150) Watson’s Dodd >> ]

Second visit: 181 of 330. [ << Hart Side (180)  (182) Newton Fell (North) >> ]

Route of ascent and descentFirst visit: Climbed up from Sticks Pass and then went on to Watson’s Dodd. Second visit: Came along the ridge from Hart Side. Descended to Sticks Pass then down to Legburthwaite: a reasonably good descent.

Stybarrow Dodd, from Raise.

Stybarrow Dodd, from Raise.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 2 of his chapter): “Stybarrow Dodd is the first of the group of fells north of the Sticks Pass and it sets the pattern for them all: sweeping grassy slopes, easy walking for the traveller who likes to count his miles but rather wearisome for those who prefer to see rock in the landscape… Stybarrow Dodd’s one proud distinction is that on its slopes it carries the well-known path over Sticks Pass throughout most of its length. Far more people ascend the slopes of Stybarrow Dodd than reach its summit!”

Stybarrow Dodd summit

Stybarrow Dodd summit, this time without snow

What I say: On my first round, all the fells in the Helvellyn range from there northward were done in the snow, and second time round I managed to get White Side and Raise like that again. Stybarrow Dodd on walk 157 might have been frosty, but it was not snowy — giving it a minor distinction. Beyond all this there isn’t a great deal to distinguish the fell but at least the descent of the Sticks Pass path, to Thirlmere, is not awkward nor all that steep, so it’s nice to have some easy walking for a change.

[ << Stone Arthur      Swirl How >> ]

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