Whiteless Pike

Whiteless Pike, from Grasmoor

Height: 2159 feet above sea level

Volume: Book 6 (The Northwestern Fells)

Date climbed: First visit: 23rd July 2009 (walk 3).

Whiteless Pike summit

Whiteless Pike summit, Wandope (right) and Thirdgillhead Man in the background

Second visit: 15th September 2017 (walk 136).

Bagged as number: first round: 7 out of 330. [ << Skiddaw Little Man (6)   (8) Wandope >> ]

Second round: 121 of 330. [ << Wandope (120)  (122) Knipescar Common >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Ascended from Buttermere. Left via the ridge route to Wandope.

Second visit: Did all that one can do to change this, and reversed the route. There are no other options to tell the truth.

Whiteless Pike ridge

Looking along the ridge to Whiteless Pike. Note the walker in the col.

What Mr. Wainwright says (from page 1 of his chapter): “The popular concept of a true mountain shape is a pyramid, with steep uniform sides on all flanks and a sharp peak. For a short distance along the road near Rannerdale Farm, on the shores of Crummock Water, it seems that Whiteless Pike has the qualifying attributes. But it fails to present an outline of similar shapeliness and beauty in other angles of view, and so cannot rank for stardom.”

What I say:  I didn’t have any strong feelings about this fell one way or another: it was steep, but the route was well-blazed and there were good views of the lakes, including a nice one of Crummock Water with Loweswater behind, perfectly framed in two curves of hills (see left). But it felt very much like a stepping stone on to bigger things with no real distinguishing features.

Whiteless Pike

Whiteless Pike, viewed from the far shore of Buttermere

[ << White Side      Whiteside >> ]

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  1. […] fells. I bagged three — Rannerdale Knotts (small, but perfectly formed), Wandope and Whiteless Pike (pictured below). All worth doing, though the haul up to Wandope’s summit via the Addacomb […]

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