The approach to Whiteside

The approach to Whiteside, from Hopegill Head

Height: 2317 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book 6 (The North Western Fells).

Whiteside from Burnbank Terrace

Whiteside, from the terrace path below Burnbank Fell (picture taken on walk 37, June 2011)

Date climbed: First visit: 30th May 2010 (walk 15).

Second visit: 15th August 2016 (walk 116).

Bagged as numberFirst round: 53 out of 330. [ << High Raise (52)  (54) Hopegill Head >> ]

Second round: 63 of 330. [ << Hopegill Head (62)  (64-67) Bannisdale Horseshoe (part) >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Ascended from Lanthwaite Green, via Whin Ben. Left on the ridge to Hopegill Head.

Seconid visit: Reversed this. There are other ways up and down, from the north, but I lacked time on the day.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 8 of his chapter):  “When viewed from the road Whiteside looks uninviting and it is difficult to see how a good route can be worked out. The key to the ascent is Whin Ben… From Whin Ben onwards the views of Gasgale Gill are tremendously impressive… This ascent, which promises nothing but a hard grind, turns out instead to be a delightful and interesting climb.”

View from the summit of Whiteside

View from the summit of Whiteside

What I say: I first climbed Whiteside on a day of excellent visibility, with cool, clear air coming down from the north. This made for a chilly climb (for May) but also made the most of Whiteside’s excellent view: according to p. 10 of AW’s chapter the fell is ‘the finest viewpoint for the coastal plain of West Cumberland, the Solway Firth and the hills of Scotland beyond…’; and we could see the lot, as well as the Isle of Man dozens of miles away. The ridge climb was steep but not unpleasant, and was over just as it started to get tiring; couple it with a fine subsequent ridge walk to Hopegill Head and this was worth the effort.

Little reason to revise this assessment after the second visit, doing things the other way round; still a good ridge walk, and if the descent had its steep bits these were compensated for by excellent views. Worth doing for sure.

Note: Not to be confused with White Side (two words), which is in the Eastern Fells: nor with Whiteside Pike, which is one of the portals to the Bannisdale Horseshoe in the Outlying Fells.

Whiteside, from Grasmoor

Whiteside, from Grasmoor. The unusual striations of Gasgale Crags are apparent.

[ << Whiteless Pike      Woodland Fell >> ]

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