On the summit

On the summit

Seeing as I am in Norway to work until Wednesday I think it’s time for one of my occasional ‘International Guest Apperance’ walks. This is such a spectacular country, with a strong fellwalking tradition, it seems churlish not to at least try to get out into the fjell (mountains) when I’m here. Particularly when the weather was as superb as it was yesterday, Saturday 30th September. This despite being in Tromsø, the northernmost large city on the planet, at about 69º 40′ N…. but with weather of around 16ºC on the last day of September, time to get out.

View back to Tromsø

View back to Tromsø city, with the jagged mountains of Kvaløy (Whale Island) behind

Destination for this hike was the peak of Tromsdalstinden (Tromsdale Pike), which rises just to the east of the city. It’s 1,236 meters high, or 4,055 feet, making it far higher than any fell in the Lakes, and you have to climb pretty much all of it. It’s a bouldery wasteland on the top, but a fine climb nonetheless, with spectacular views. So I’ve added this page about the walk to the list of ‘International Walks‘ page, making it the third Norwegian hike to feature.

I hope to be back to the Wainwrights next weekend, 7th Oct, if not that then the following one.

Preikestolen and Lysefjord

Preikestolen, with the Lysefjord behind.\

I’ve been working in Norway this week but before heading home had booked today (Thursday 19th June) in as a day off months ago, specifically to do the walk to Preikestolen, ‘The Pulpit Rock”. This granite platform rises nearly 2,000 feet directly above the Lysefjord below, and has been named one of the World’s Top 10 Views by the Lonely Planet guide. Although the walk was crowded with people, it was certainly worth doing, as I hope this photo shows. I have therefore added Preikestolen to the list of “international walks” which I’ve been maintaining as a kind of sideline to the main Lake District project pages — so do have a look at the new page if you’re interested.

Next LD walk before about 2nd July, I hope….

In the mist

On arrival at the top of the rock things were shrouded in mist for a few minutes — adding a mystique to the other qualities

A walk in Norway

September 1, 2013

Summit of Gøysen

Eystein and Henning (my walking companions) on the summit of Gøysen

I’m currently in Norway and this weekend was lucky enough to be able to stay in the district of Telemark with my friend Eystein and his family. There is some very fine walking to be had in the region and if you get the chance to visit I highly recommend it. We did two walks over the weekend but I have just recorded the one on the International Walks section of this site, Saturday’s walk up to the summit of Gøysen in the Skorve mountain district, near the town of Seljord. At 4,500 feet up this is a substantial climb, but well worth doing – particularly on a great sunny day like Saturday was. Read all about it on the Skorve page. Back to the Lake District in a couple of weekend’s time, I hope.