Beacon Fell summit and Coniston Water

Beacon Fell summit. Coniston Water behind.

Summits:  There is only one fell in the chapter, Beacon Fell at 836 feet above sea level.

Volume: Book Eight (The Outlying Fells).

Date bagged: First visit: 17th January 2014 (walk 78). Second visit: 9th August 2017 (walk 135).

Beacon Tarn and Beacon fell

Beacon Tarn and Beacon fell

Bagged as number: First round: 235 of the 330. [ << Scout Scar (233-234)  (236-237) Woodland Fell >> ]

Second round: 118 of 330. [ << Woodland Fell (116-117)  (119) Rannerdale Knotts >> ]

Route of ascent and descentFirst visit: Came up from the Brown Howe car park, the route described on page 99 of volume 8. Left down to Beacon tarn as noted in the book but then went on to Yew Bank in the Woodland Fell chapter — which I do not really recommend.

Second visit: Came up from Beacon Tarn, descended to the road and then on to the Sunny Bank landing stage on Coniston Water.

Beacon Fell and Wool Knott

Beacon Fell, with Wool Knott in front of it, though hard to see

What Mr Wainwright says (on page 98 of volume 8): “Beacon Fell ranks amongst the most delectable of the lesser heights of Lakeland. It is an epitome of all that appease to fellwalkers…. The paths are enchanting, full of little surprises, while the streams are crystal clear. There is a tarn, too, hidden in a fold of the hills. But it is the summit, abrupt and rocky, and the far-reaching view that make the ascent so worthwhile.”

What I say: Yes, Beacon Fell was a nice climb, one for the whole family from 4 to 80 I would think. It looks attractive from each side as well and does give a good show of a mountain in miniature. Worth a visit, but bear in mind you will be up to the summit from the car park at the bottom within an hour, even if you take it easy. Combine it either with a walk along the Coniston Water shore and/or exploration of some of the other low fells in the vicinity — but don’t attempt the crossing over to Yew Bank (Woodland Fell) from here, which is really cruddy terrain.

[ << Base Brown    Beda Fell >> ]


3 Responses to “Beacon Fell”

  1. […] because I picked up five summits to the south-west of Coniston Water, which appear in the book as Beacon Fell, Blawith Knott and Woodland Fell. Combined, my perambulations over this territory makes up walk 78 […]

  2. […] this year as I hoped, with only 13 completed. 47 new Wainwrights have been bagged, starting with Beacon Fell in January (walk 78) and ending today with Burney. As of today, then, I have done 281 of the 330 […]

  3. […] of the Outlying Fells a second time: Yew Bank and Wool Knott from the Woodland Fell chapter, and Beacon Fell. Mostly a good walk, on a very fine day: but there is a crappy passage in the middle, which means I […]

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