View from Blawith Knott

View from Blawith Knott, looking south

Summits: There are two summits in the chapter, Blawith Knott itself (814’ above sea level) and Tottlebank Height, 775’. Apparently it is pronounced ‘Blaith’.

Date bagged: First visit: 17th January 2014 (walk 78). Second visit: 29th December 2014 (walk 90).

Bagged as number: First round: 238 (BK) and 239 (TH) of the 330. [ << Woodland Fell (236-237)  (240-241) Caermote Hill >> ]

Second round: Did Tottlebank Height first this time, so that was number 11 of the 2nd round, and Blawith Knott, number 12. [ << Shipman Knotts (10)  (13) Souther Fell >> ]

Blawith Knott summit

Blawith Knott summit. Black Combe in the background.

Route of ascent and descentFirst visit: Came over from Wool Knott (Woodland Fell), and descended to Tottlebank then on to Lowick Green, where I caught a bus back to Ulverston.

Second visit: Came up Tottlebank Height first, having walked all the way there from Ulverston (at least 7 miles), along the Cumbria Way. After doing Blawith Knott, descended to the Woodland fell road, then went on to Burney.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 108 of volume 8): “Woodland [valley] is flanked on the east by a continuous line of low fells that look attractive — an impression confirmed by closer acquaintance: this is a region of rough undulations richly cloaked with bracken and heather but patched with rocky outcrops and jewelled by small tarns. Best known of these miniature summits is Beacon Fell, but neighbouring Blawith Knott, a magnificent viewpoint, equally rewards those who climb to its top.”

Blawith Knott

Blawith Knott, seen from the ridge

What I say: Blawith Knott itself is not that distinguishable from the sundry other, similarly sized knobs and knotts and heights in the vicinity — except for its view, which is excellent. On the first visit I didn’t get the full effect due to slightly limited visibility, but the view on my second visit was faultless. However, apart from the view there wasn’t a great deal to it. Tottlebank Height is simply a smaller version of the same fell, but does win points for its slightly silly name, like a sort of comical toff.

Tottlebank Height summit cairn

Tottlebank Height summit cairn. Beacon Fell in the middle distance, the Coniston fells in cloud behind.

[ << Blake Fell     Blea Rigg >> ]

2 Responses to “Blawith Knott”

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  2. […] before the New Year. In superb weather I revisited two fells done earlier this year, the two in the Blawith Knott chapter, and then a new one, Burney. Walk 90 was a long walk — 15 miles, and with the time of […]

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