Boat How and Burnmoor Tarn

Boat How and Burnmoor Tarn (with the Lodge visible). The boat-like shape of the fell is apparent from here.

Summits: Just the one in the chapter – Boat How itself, at 1105 feet above sea level.

Date bagged: 14th August 2013, on walk 73.

Bagged as number: 225 of the ‘extended’ list of 330. [ << Newton Fell (South) (224)  (226) Irton Pike >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: Came up from Irton Road station, via Miterdale (a different route than described in The Outlying Fells). Descended to Burnmoor Tarn from where one can go down to Wasdale or Eskdale, climb Illgill Head (as I did), or even Scafell if one is feeling particularly energetic.

Boat How summit

Boat How summit, and the view therefrom. Fells visible, left to right: Pillar; Kirk Fell; Great Gable; Scafell; and at the extreme right hand side, Slight Side. Burnmoor Tarn below.

What Mr Wainwright says (on page 178 of volume 8): “The ridge of which Boat How is the summit separates the upper reaches of Miterdale and a wide depression draining into Eskdale. It stands on the fringe of some of the finest mountain terrain in the district, being almost within the shadow of Scafell… Its proliferation of ancient remains makes it a happy hunting ground for walkers with an eye for relics of days long past. A remarkable concentration of such monuments includes four stone circles.”

Scafell and Boat How

The tor of Boat How, with Scafell behind

What I say: Boat How could have done with a bit less of that annoying tussocky grass that looks all innocent but keeps sneakily tripping you up with its tangled lumpy roots. Apart from that I thought it was a decent enough walk. The views are good, both of the Wasdale Head region (seen above) and Eskdale. I did find one stone circle, which while hardly Stonehenge was a cute enough spot, and the summit would be a good place to laze around for an hour on a warm sunny day.

Of all the “Outlying Fells”, by the way, Boat How seems to be the least “outlying”. In fact, by Wainwright’s geographical rules for inclusion in the 214, set down at the beginning of each of the volumes of the Pictorial Guide, Boat How should be in volume 4. I suspect that he actually ran out of space: vol. 4 is already the most expansive of the seven.

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