Summit rocks, Brant Fell

Summit rocks, Brant Fell

Summit: Just one, Brant Fell at 629’ above sea level.

Date bagged: 29th May 2014 (walk 83).

Bagged as number: 260 of the 330. [ << School Knott (257-259)  (261) Heughscar Hill >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: Came at it from the back, along the Dales Way from School Knott, and up from Brantfell Farm. Descended to Bowness.

Brant Fell

Brant Fell, in danger of being dwarfed by a cow

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 34 of volume 8): “A visitor to Bowness with time to kill, or wishing to escape from the throngs of day-trippers, cannot do better than walk up Brant Fell and, in solitude, enjoy its fine prospect of Windermere or a simple scramble on its inviting summit rocks.”

What I say: A good view makes this worth a visit but I wouldn’t come all the way to the Lakes with the sole purpose of bagging this single fell (and there are nicer places than Bowness, too).

[ << Branstree     Brim Fell >> ]


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  1. […] the fells bagged today was School Knott, rising above Windermere town. Orrest Head (pictured) and Brant Fell bookended it at each end of walk 83. Have a look at the linked pages for more […]

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