Cold Fell summit

Sheep on Cold Fell’s summit wall. The Whit Fell range is the horizon.

Summit: Cold Fell is 961 feet above sea level.

Date bagged: 15th September 2015 (walk 100).

Bagged as number: 315 of the 330 Wainwrights. [ << Caw (312-4)   (316) Ponsonby Fell >> ]

Route of ascent and descent:  Came up from Coldfell gate, as depicted in Wainwright’s chapter. Instead of returning there as he suggests, however, I headed south-south-west, rejoining the road and then dropping down to the Calder valley before going on to Ponsonby Fell.

Cold Fell

Cold Fell

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 196 of volume 8): “Cold Fell is an unremarkable height, being merely a gentle mile-long elevation overlooking the lovely valley of the Calder, but its name is well-known in West Cumbria, having been adopted for a popular high-level road into Ennerdale leaving the A595 at Calder Bridge. The Coldfell road, once a Roman highway, forms the National Park boundary. Access to the summit from this road is a very simple matter.”

What I say: The climb is worth doing from Coldfell Gate, at least — the views of both the coastal plain and the far western Lakeland fells are very good. The ascent is easy; there is no path, but the ground is basically dry and non-treacherous. Whether it’s worth the 4-mile yomp in from Egremont (the nearest public transport terminus) is a different matter; it probably is, if the walk can be extended to take in other summits.

Note also that Cold Fell is the nearest of all the Wainwrights to Sellafield nuclear power station, which you can’t really ignore when walking on the hill.

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