The other Borrowdale

The other Borrowdale. The Crookdale fells are the three on the right.

Summits: Three in the chapter: Lord’s Seat (1719‘), Robin Hood (1613‘) and High House Bank (1627’).

Volume: Book 8 (The Outlying Fells). The summits also appear in one of the lines of ascent to Grey Crag in volume 2.

Date bagged: 13th October 2015 (walk 102).

Bagged as numbers: 326-328 of the 330. Two to go! [ << Seat Robert (321-5)  (329-330) Flat Fell and Dent >> ]

View from Lord's Seat

The view from Lord’s Seat. Robin Hood and the prominent High House Bank ahead, above the valley of (the other) Borrowdale.

Route of ascent and descent: Came down to them from Harrop Pike, having previously done the fells in the Seat Robert chapter. Descended down to the road as described in Wainwright, but then had to walk back to Burneside, which was 2.5 hours and about 7 miles away.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 255 of volume 8): “Crookdale Beck pursues a sinuous course of loops and bends from its headwaters on Grey Crag to its emergence from the shallow valley it has carved, and nowhere in the five mile journey occur any features worth of mention…. All is grass, and most of it is wet grass. Yet Crookdale has a certain beauty, the beauty of desolation…

“The south side is a… ridge of three summits with gentle gradients, providing simple walking and a survey of the valleys on either side…”


Crookdale, with High House Bank behind, from Little Yarlside (walk 80)

What I say: Lord’s Seat and Robin Hood are unexciting bumps, but High House Bank has a more impressive profile; if it were situated near Sty Head no-one would notice it particularly but here it stands out. It’s still a grassy lump, but a pointier one than its neighbours. Good views of the two valleys, as noted above, but also of the main A6 and a hefty line of electricity pylons. And these fells are a very, very long way from anywhere that you can reach by public transport, or ever have been able to reach. Worth a visit perhaps, but it’ll need to be a well-planned visit.

It’s a pretty close thing with Whatshaw Common (from the Wasdale Horseshoe chapter), but High House Bank has a good case to be listed as the most easterly Wainwright.

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