Faulds Brow summit cairn

Faulds Brow summit cairn.

Summit: There is only the one summit in this chapter. Faulds Brow is 1125 feet above sea level.

Date bagged: 8th April 2015 (walk 94).

Bagged as number: 299 of the full list of 330 Wainwrights. [<< Bannisdale Horseshoe (290-298) (300) Staveley Fell >>]

Route of ascent and descent: Came up from Parkend, via Faulds farm: not described in the pages of Wainwright but easy to trace on a map. Descended to Caldbeck, via Whelpo Beck. As does Chris Jesty, in the revised edition of volume 8, I highly recommend coming back via the path on the left bank of the beck.

Longlands Fell from Faulds Brow

View from the ascent of Faulds Brow, over to Longlands Fell

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 211 of volume 8): “Faulds Brow is the most northerly of the outlying fells within the National park. It is unremarkable in appearance, being merely a slight upland dome alongside the Keswick – Carlisle unenclosed by-road above Caldbeck, but its easy slopes are sufficiently elevated to give an uninterrupted view across the wide coastal plain to the Solway Firth, backed by the Scottish hills with Criffell prominent, while to the south the Skiddaw massif forms a near horizon and Lakeland’s western fells appear more distantly to its right.”

What I say: The day I visited was a hazy one and I did not get the full effect of the view, but still thought it a decent one. Having walked a very long way to get here and having felt a little resentful in advance about Wainwright having insisted that this undistinguished and remote summit was part of his canon, it was in the end just about worth the time. This was also a factor of the final walk back to Caldbeck, and I’m glad I followed Chris Jesty’s advice to take the riverside path rather than the road, otherwise I would have missed The Howk entirely — and that’s worth a visit. You see, the great AW doesn’t always get it right.

Faulds Brow is the most northerly of all the 330 Wainwrights.

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