Dent summit cairn

The summit cairn of Dent — 330th and last.

Summits: Flat Fell is 871 feet above sea level, and Dent 1131 feet.

Volume: Book 8 (The Outlying Fells).

Date bagged: First visit: 21st November 2015 (walk 103). Second visit: 17th April 2017 (walk 127).

Bagged as numbers: First round: 329 (Flat Fell) and 330 (Dent) of the 330 Wainwrights. In other words — the last two fells that I did in my first round. [ << Crookdale Horseshoe (326-8) ]


Dent from Flat Fell

Second round: Grike came in between the two, so let’s double up on the menus. Dent was number 97:

[ << Causey Pike (96)  (98) Grike >>]

And Flat Fell number 99:

[ << Grike (98)  (100) Great Gable >> ]

Route of ascent and descent: First visit: Followed exactly the route of ascent described on pages 200-1 of volume 8, from Wath Brow., though on the way down, there were slight variations, and I ended the walk back in Cleator Moor.

Second visit: Came up Dent from Black How, and descended to Nannycatch. Came up Flat Fell via the track that skirts its northern side, and descended to Wath Brow.

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 198 of volume 8): “One does not expect to find open and unspoilt rural scenery half an hour’s stroll from an industrial environment, and the transition from the built-up plain of West Cumbria to the tranquil upland of Flat Fell is sudden and complete. This is a pleasant walk, enhanced by the charming oasis of Nannycatch…. “

View from Flat Fell summit

View west from Flat Fell summit. The rise ahead is Blakely Raise, with Grike peeking up to the left.

(and from page 201): “The green hill of Dent is far superior to Flat Fell as a viewpoint. A wide panorama greets the eye…. Dent has but a modest elevation, yet as a viewpoint has great stature.”

What I say: I did enjoy the climbs of these two fells, quite apart from the fact that on my first visit, it marked the end of my first round of all 330 Wainwrights. Both benefit from dry, springy turf, a merciful change from bogs, scree, that annoying tussocky grass which constantly risks breaking your ankle, etc.

Flat Fell has a flat top, yes, but the sides above Nannycatch are steep, and care is needed if descending in that direction.

As noted on the walk 103 route description, Wainwright’s guide does not mention the fact that the true summit of Dent is probably not the big cairn at the top of the western slope, but a smaller one a few hundred yards back along the path, something apparent both on the ground and from the OS map.

Dent is the westernmost of all the 330 Wainwrights, and one of only two which are outside the National Park boundary, the other being Humphrey Head. Why is it outside the boundary, when Flat Fell is inside? I have no idea.

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