Great Worm Crag

Looking up at Great Worm Crag from the fell road

Summits: One, Great Worm Crag itself at 1400′. The mini-map on page 136 suggests Great Crag might also be being assigned separate summit status, but it does not appear in the book’s index, nor does it get a summit symbol on the bigger map on page 139, so in the end that does not make it into the list of 116 Outlying Fells.

Date climbed: First visit: 23rd July 2011 (walk 40). Second visit: 28th July 2011 (walk 133).

Great Worm Crag summit

Great Worm Crag summit (the true summit)

Bagged as number: First round: Retrospectively, this became the third OF to be bagged, and number 217 of the running total. [ << Muncaster Fell (216)  (218-221) Potter Fell >> ]

Second round: 111 of 330. [ << Green Crag (110)  (112-3) Devoke Water circuit (part) >> ]

Route of ascent and descentFirst visit: Came up from Devoke Water, though it had taken a rather long and hard walk from Ravenglass to get there. Left for Green Crag.

Second visit: Came in from Green Crag, descended down to the main road near Woodend and went on to Seat How (on the Devoke Water circuit).

Rough Crag, an excresence on Great Worm Crag

Rough Crag, an excresence on Great Worm Crag

What Mr Wainwright says (from page 136 of volume 8): “Great Worm Crag is typical of the many lesser fells that walkers in the early flush of enthusiasm do not trouble to visit…. Yet this humble and neglected fell offers a rewarding service to those whose active days on the hills are nearly over, for here is an excellent belvedere for viewing again intimately the mountains of yesteryear.”

What I say: Hard to say much positive about Great Worm Crag, which doesn’t seem to deserve its name, as there aren’t really any crags on it. There may or may not be various tumuli scattered on the slope down to the road: it is impossible for the lay observer to be sure. It’s a tough walk to actually reach from a public transport terminus, with both of the walks being among the more frustrating. This is not really worth the effort it would take to get there without a car.

[ << Great Sca Fell     Green Crag >> ]


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